Metamorphosis is an approach through which one can become more balanced and let go of limiting patterns and blocks that keep us from living fully and joyfully in the present. This approach consists of a gentle form of touch which works with the reflexes of the spine through the feet, hands and head.

On our spine we carry the cellular memory of the nine months that we developed in the womb (gestation period). The spine carries the first patterns of how we handle change, the spine holds the blueprint of who we are. Not only are we physically formed during the gestation time but we get our first impressions which register into the cells and create core patterns. Through our life we continue to live out and manifest these patterns. If there was any stress during the gestation period we may find weaknesses in certain parts of the physical body which keep creating discomfort during changes and stress. We may also observe certain psychological patterns and attitudes within ourselves that influence our well-being.

The practitioner of Metamorphosis functions as a catalyst in bringing these deep-seated patterns to the surface. The clients own inner intelligence is then able to review and discard limiting patterns and blockages of the past. This is usually a gentle organic unfoldment that manifests in its own perfect timing. This work helps people bring out their own unique potential. The process can be compared to the "morphing" of a caterpillar into a butterfly.

Rev. Ligia, Conscious Living Facilitator empowers her clients to live in a world where they are in charge of their own health and committed to living a Conscious Lifestyle.

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